Well, it seems that the April showers have come a little early. With the heavy bouts of rain, you want to make sure that you can keep the water outside, where it belongs.

Believe it or not, majority of water issues inside the home are often simple to fix from the outside.

Downspouts, caulking, grading, and directing water away from your home can often fix most small water issues.

Make sure all eavestroughs are free and clear of leaves and debris. When it comes to your downspouts, be sure that they are directing far enough away from the foundation of your home so water doesn't make its way back.

Re-caulking and sealing windows with the proper products is also a huge help to keeping water away from your window and once again, keeping it out!

Have you noticed a couple low-spots outside your house, possibly against your foundation? Low lying water will find the path of least resistance, and will eventually find its way in. If you can, raise that low spot in order for water to travel away from your foundation.

Hopefully a couple of these small solutions help you keep the rain, OUT!